Hesitant to Commit

Anyone who has just left a bullying partner would be wise to make sure they do not enter the same type of relationship again. They often do because they fail to recognize the warning flags people put out, and this will not help them make a better life. Many people want to be in a committed relationship because they have physical needs they want satisfied, but they must learn to find other outlets for their needs. It will help them take the time to make the right choice rather than a convenient one.

Physically intimate needs are a basic human drive that demands to be satisfied, but a relationship is not always necessary. A person who wants to take their time finding a good partner can circumvent commitment by finding a fuck buddy. This situation allows them to be choosier when finding a long term partner, and fuck buddies are useful because they are not looking for a relationship.

It may seem an odd way to find a good relationship, but this type of arrangement avoids settling for satisfying needs by making a commitment to the wrong person. Instead, it gives a person a wider range of choices that can be made without the drive to satisfy their need for physical intimacy. They can find local sex easily enough online, and this gives them breathing room when deciding whether or not to make a commitment to a person they are dating. They can wait until they are sure they will not be bullied in a new relationship.

Many of these types of arrangements are temporary, and each person involved has their own set of goals. A buddy may be seeking their own long term relationship, or they may have career and academic goals that are more important at the time. Either way, both people in this arrangement get what they want without commitment.