Negating Bad Behavior

When a person acts like a bully, it is generally because they have their own set of self-esteem issues. They see their own behaviour as a way to get what they want, and successful pushed them to continue it. Rather than putting up with this type of behaviour, a committed partner can help modify it if they are willing to push back. As soon as their bullying partner finds out they will have no success, they will search for other ways to get what they want.

One of the issues that can possibly be a result of modifying this type of behavior is the fact it must be done on a continuing basis. It can become tiring for the person being bullied to have to push back every time the behavior presents itself, and they might just give in occasionally. Once that happens, they will have to begin again to modify their partner’s behavior patterns. It can wear them down over time and make the relationship unviable.

For those who are stubborn, this type of relationship can be just the one they need to give them a challenge. Many people would give in occasionally and bear the brunt of the results, but a stubborn person will stick it out until the behavior has completely disappeared. It might seem strange to some, but keeping a bully in check constantly could be a perfect match for the right person.

There are generally underlying self-esteem issues with people who turn into bullies, and a caring partner can help them once the surface behaviour has been controlled. They might seek counselling as a couple, or they could convince their partner to seek help on their own. If they want the relationship to be successful over time, it would be best if they could discover and treat the underlying causes.