Time to Split

A lack of personal confidence is often a fruitful find for a bully in a personal relationship. The person who has found they are successful at getting what they want by being aggressive will tend to learn how to push others, and it can be devastating to a person without confidence. They may remain in the relationship long after realizing they are unhappy. This is due to the bully demanding the relationship not be severed, and the person can feel they have little choice in the matter. What people do not realize is that if the bully does not change their behaviour, then it is time to walk away.

Singles have almost always felt more comfortable being in a relationship due to societal norms, but those dating a bully should be aware there is no reason to remain. They are free to leave the person hurting them far behind, and they need to know it is possible to find someone who will treat them better. Theoretically that sounds good, but it is not always how this type of relationship works out.

Those who use bullying to get what they want often push their partner as far as possible. They see their own behaviour as normal, and their unreal expectations as something that should automatically be granted. Some of them will turn into stalkers if the relationship goes on too long, and they can become dangerous. They may be used to threatening their partner to get what they want, but it can turn violent when they are rebuffed.

Fear of the consequences is often a reason people stay with a bully, but they should know that remaining in a bad relationship will only make it worse over time. Walking away of their own free will takes courage, yet that act alone may stave off the consequences when the bully realizes they are no longer in control.